St Michael and All Angels

Observatory, Cape Town

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COVID-19 update

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For information on South Africa's response to COVID-19 please visit the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal.

During the national period of lockdown, Fr Timothy will live stream masses to the St Michael and All Angels Facebook group:

This is a closed group at present, but anyone may ask to join.

The weekly pew leaflet is available under the Files section:

Service times (live stream - please refer to the Facebook Group for details)

Sunday: 8 a.m. and10 a.m.

Monday : 6.30 p.m.

Tuesday: 6.30 p.m.

Wednesday: 6.30 p.m.

Thursday: 9.30 a.m.

Saturday: 8 a.m.



My appointment by His Grace, Archbishop Thabo, was somewhat unexpected. Having been Rector of St Francis of Assisi, Waterkloof, in Pretoria and Archdeacon of Pretoria East for some 15 years, I had moved back into School Chaplaincy at St Mary’s DSG for, what I assumed, were to be my “twilight years”. Then, lo and behold, here I am in 2020, the newly appointed Rector of St Michael’s and All Angels in Observatory, Cape Town. Frankly, I am delighted. In an age, where even the Church seems to be obsessed with tossing out everything that’s not “modern” and all to easily ending up with a little bit of everything and not much of anything, it is refreshing to serve a Parish where the Anglo-Catholic traditions of the Anglican Church are still held sacred. Father Brown in the “Innocence of Father Brown, says, “One sees great things from the valley, only small things from the peak”.

There is still space in Church worship, for the MYSTERIOUS. There always was…and one wonders if the need for it today is not even greater than ever before. I am not referring to the “unobtainable”, that is silly. What is the point? By MYSTERY, I mean, rediscovering that no one “has God in their pocket”. That no amount of repetitive singing or bouncing about on a Sunday, somehow, brings God “down to our level” and we can all have a jolly time of it. God is Forever God. For me, this means that my one and my only purpose as a Christian, is never to lose sight of this Great Truth and to worship accordingly. How I do that?  That is a matter of personal choice, but always there must exist the undergirding awareness of the Holiness and the Majesty and the Ineffability of God.

The Traditions of the Church inherently encompass this MYSTERIUM TREMENDUM, this “awe inspiring mystery” and parishes such as St Michael’s and All Angels, Observatory are still offering this way of worship, in a world where even the sacred can be brought to the lowest common denominator.

Pax et Bonum.

Father Timothy Lowes 




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Upcoming Events

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8.00 am Low Mass
10.00 am High Mass
10.30 am Orchestral Mass (when applicable)


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